About Us

Artwrapp is about art – promoting it, loving it, spreading it.
Artwrapp was created for the love of art.
Artwrapp is a gathering place for artists and art devotees to meet in a nurturing and explorative environment.
Artwrapp is a virtual gallery.

Art is created by artists and artists need their work to be seen. There are too many talented artists around who are not being seen. Artists deserve a bigger platform and it is our goal to provide it.

Artists can use Artwrapp to showcase their work and art connoisseurs can use it to browse, buy, appreciate, and promote that work.

What can you do on the Artwrapp website?
  • Show your amazing talent
  • Make friends
  • Network
  • Find out about exhibitions
  • Invite others to exhibitions
  • Sell your work
  • Promote galleries
  • Promote your art-related business
  • And much more
Who can join?

Any artist.

Are you a young and emerging artist? Great! Let us help you get seen.

Are you a returning artist? Fabulous! Let us help you navigate the virtual world and get your art out there again.

Are you a well-established artist? We value your contribution and look forward to promoting your work!

The best parts?

There are no commissions to be paid.

Artwrapp does not handle any sales. We do not sell on the artwrapp.com website. However, you can use the site to sell your work by providing contact details and or links to your own website and various social media sites in your member section.

Artwrapp membership is completely free for the first six months from the date of registration.

You can display up to 20* images with descriptions uploaded to your dedicated member area on the artwrapp.com website. You, the artist, has full control over what images you put on show and when. You can change them at any time at your discretion.

For the first six months, no fees will apply.**

2020 did not get off to a great start so this is our small gift to all the wonderful and talented artists out there!

After the initial six-month period, fees for promoting art and artists on social media platforms might apply but it is not our intention to make them onerous. After this initial six-month period, campaigns will be introduced. Fees, however, will only be applicable if you choose to be featured in one of our campaigns***.

Who can view your work?

Anybody who visits the artwrapp.com website. This includes buyers, galleries, art-related businesses and art scouts. Additionally, Artwrapp’s mission is to extend our reach beyond the site and promote your work through a variety of social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn etc.

Artwrapp features various categories of art forms, art mediums and subjects.

We would like to uphold a standard for the site. You’ll need to tell us a little bit about yourself. We need to know if you are an established artist, an emerging artist, a hobby artist, have just finished art school or an artist returning to the art world after an absence. We also would like to know if you are self-taught or an art graduate.

A very warm welcome to the world of art. We invite you to explore, learn, connect, savour, and, above all, to have fun.

We want this to be a delight and a celebration of the amazing richness of talent we are so fortunate to enjoy in the art world.

*permission to upload more than 20 images may be granted

**The only charge will be a small registration fee of £ 1.00. (this small payment is necessary to verify who you are so that bots cannot register on the site).

***social media campaigns